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Smiling -New World Edition- 参加者
▷Organizers: れいれい [Philippines]
▷Mix: Xandu [Sweden]
▷Rap lyrics: datenko [Indonesia]  Ashley [USA]  Spiral [UK]
▷Special Thanks: おらだす、AkyM [JP]

▷Singers -歌い手-
□ JoyDreamer [Denmark]  ジョイドリーマー デンマーク
:: twitter :: youtube

□ れいれい [Philippines]   れいれい フィリピン
:: twitter :: youtube :: ニコ動

□ ギリンカ [Korea]      ギリンカ 韓国
:: twitter :: youtube :: ニコ動

□ レナ [France]   レナ フランス
:: twitter :: youtube

□ iLK [Turkey]   いるき トルコ
:: twitter :: youtube

□ Arianna [Italy]   アリアナ イタリア
:: twitter :: youtube

□ yuyechka [Poland]   ユイェッチカ ポーランド
:: twitter :: youtube

□ Marie☆FD [Columbia]   マリー・エフディ コロンビア
:: twitter :: youtube :: ニコ動

□ Finnip [Finland]      ふぃにっぷ フィンランド
:: twitter :: youtube :: ニコ動

□ Mai [Brazil]   マイ ブラジル
:: twitter :: youtube

□ j.am [Russia]   じぇー・あむ ロシア
:: twitter :: youtube

□ Abby [Scotland]   アビー スコットランド
:: twitter :: youtube

□ Vicho [Chile]   ヴィチョ チリ
:: twitter :: youtube

□ Caine [China]   カイン 中国
:: twitter :: youtube

□ Patrick [Norway]   パトリック ノルウェー
:: twitter :: youtube

□ なしゆろ [Japan]   なしゆろ 日本
:: twitter :: ニコ動

□ datenkou [Indonesia]   ダテンコウ インドネシア
:: twitter :: youtube

□ Bookiezz [Thailand]   ブーキッズ タイ
:: twitter :: youtube

□ Xandu [Sweden]  ザンドゥ スウェーデン
:: twitter :: youtube

□ iWiinter [Belgium]   アイウィンター ベルギー
:: twitter :: youtube

□ Kal [Germany]   カル ドイツ
:: twitter :: youtube

▷ Illustration -絵師-
□ kato [Indonesia] カト インドネジア

□ ミey [Malaysia] みえい インドネジア

□ Y之 [Malaysia] よこ インドネジア

□ ミ*Yuki [Malaysia] みゆき インドネジア

▷ Movie -動画師-
□ Anri [Japan] あんり 日本
twitter :: ニコ動

▷ Encode
□AkyM [Japan] あきやめ 日本

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Smiling -New World Edition- Lyrics
Smiling together
Will be together
이렇게 힘든 세상일수록 함께
웃으며 미래로 걸어가자
Smiling together

Todo dia em algum lugar deste grande mundo azul
Pessoas nascem e também dão seu último adeus

Jos vain hoivaat ahkeraan, se kyllä kukat saa kasvamaan.
Yhtä lailla luonnostaan, ihmiset tarvii toisiaan.

Могут показаться сильными на первый взгляд сердца, но их разбить легко

Oh, hoe heb ik lief?
Ещё не знаю я…
Siis miten olis näin?
Eu sei que qualquer um pode aprender a amar

Smiling together
Will be together
To w końcu uśmiech połączył nas,
więc właśnie nim witajmy przyszły czas
Smiling together
Will be together
Kavga neden olursa olsun
Değil kelimelerle, çözülür hislerimizle
Smiling together

Hayo lihatlah indahnya dunia!
Jangan terpaksa bilang “ya” di tengah debat pertentangan
Nobody needs to be the same, waktunya ‘tuk bebas
Let’s open our gate (no time to HATE!!)
Di atas pertiwi, bertunas bersemi
Siapapun kan bersorak “Revolusi!”
I’ve never seen a SMILING face which ain’t beautiful
Di sini kita berpesta hingga hari pun terbenam (sing it!)


หากได้ลองมองจากฟ้าไกล ไม่มีเขตแดนกั้นใคร เราต่างอยู่บนแผ่นพื้นดินเดียวกัน

No más guerras
Vad ska jag ta mig till?
Но я сказать хочу
Hvem som helst kan gjøre det akkurat nå

Smiling together
Will be together
Es ist ein einziger Moment, der dich verändern kann,
wenn alle hier ihr Lächeln zeigen
Smiling together
Will be together
Att se din blick fylld utav sorg, det passar inte alls, så
låt oss sjunga tillsammans, smiling together

(Debes esperar)
Tha na daonnachd cion-fàth blàthachadh na cruinne
(Lo que cuenta es tu interior)
Mar sin bidh nàdar a bhìdeadh dhuinn
(Y lo debes respetar)
Fra ECO ed EGO cambia poco, è solo Propaganda
(Solo tú lo puedes notar)
adesso trova la tua verità

Kahit ‘di ka na makinig sa iba
Vardık hepimiz farkına
In een vals moment van onze rust
Hør du gråden af smerte og had?

se fossimo una cosa sola
Wiem, że na pewno to teraz i tu

Smiling together
Will be together
Smiling together
Will be together

Smiling together
Will be together
C'est justement parce-que l'on vit maintenant
Qu'on doit avancer tout en souriant
Smiling together
Will be together
Uansett hva slags kamp
så lenge du føler det med hjertet ditt
Smiling together

SMILING - though I think the world'll never know
I'm findin' the words so the melody can flow, but
"What's that?" "What's this?" to "what's up" (yeah)
Say it every day though I know you're gonna be there
Now, let’s smile, until next year- so Watch this city come to life
THIS IS SUNRISE - no place could ever make me feel this way~

Smiling together
Will be together
Smiling together
Will be together
Mas magandang lagi kang nakangiti
Tara, halina at sabay-sabay tayo

Smiling together
Will be together

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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[Thanks A LOT] Hadi Hendraより。
you guys are simply amazing !

i was searching this song and was sad cause i don't see anyone did collab for this yet in youtube

but hey what do you know you guys did it !

as someone from indonesia i'm very happy to see this

keep up the work staffs :)

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メリュー れいれいver. 歌詞

『 メリュー 』
作詞・作曲・編曲 : ナブナ
英語歌詞 : れいれい

It feels as if the sun has set
for my heart was already stained
The ringing in my ears won't stop
as I tried to hide my breath away

I rode the bus and pointed to you
“Someday you'll turn into ashes”
Even if you'll tell me the same words
all over and over it will never disappear

In a sea of stars blooming in hanging lanterns,
that is where I will throw my heart
My voice won't come out for that is
because there is nothing I can do anymore

I don't feel any sadness
I don't even feel any pain
I’m just having a hard time
I’m just having a hard time

At the end of an old bus stop
I see myself holding an umbrella
Even though my feet already brought me
to the corner of the night sky that's been covered in dusts

My heart is in pain, so please don’t look at
the everyday me that's pretending to be dead
If I thought it's better if I am gone,
then this is not who I am s'pposed to be

If I'm going to die anyway,
Then isn’t it strange that it still hurts so much?
If I'm going to die anyway,
please tell me why does it still hurt

So go ahead and blend my song
into the colors of this world, where even love is extinct
I want to do something about this,
but I still remain helpless as ever

In a sea of stars blooming in hanging lanterns
that is where I will throw my heart
My voice won't come out so I pretend to be dead
I know it shouldn't be like this, but still

I’m sure I’d be better of this way, but still
I always hear your laughter from far away

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Happy Halloweenれいれいver. 歌詞

『 Happy Halloween 』
作詞・作曲・編曲 : Junky
英語歌詞 : れいれい

Hey, it looks like it's about to get dark right now so,
would it be okay if I could go?
There's a little magic that was put on to me
Time to eat, let me start with those deserts of yours

I am sure the fog will get thicker from here on so
I guess we'll gather together?
I've waited for so long and held back on eating sweets

Here's your reward, take it

Once, and twice, the sound of bell
The noises that the small ghosts were making
Just for today, can you please forgive me
Now let's head to the town

'Cause it's a Happy Halloween let's get really naughty now ding-dong-dang
here and there, everywhere, trick or treat, won't you give me candies?
'Cause it's a Happy Halloween, there are adorable lantern pumpkins
Even the Jack is very tired, he'll dance until morning

'Cause it's a Happy Halloween, even the hunted cubs now, la la la
Today all throughout town, trick or treat, give me some chocolates
'Cause it's a Happy Halloween, welcome to the wonderful wonderland
Even the Jack is very tired, he'll sing Let's trick or treat

I want more, and more of it, wanting like a greedy ghost
Oh, no more? Then I guess it can't be helped, they will become the prey to our pranks

For the houses that can't give us anything,
We'll wrap the trees in their yard with lots of toilet paper
If tonight the lanterns will be lit, don't forget, give us some sweets please

Well then, let's party night

Hey cause it's Happy Halloween, even the clock is spinning wild, tick-tack
here and there, everywhere, trick or treat, there's eye-dazzling pumpkin pies
'Cause it's Happy Halloween, so why not - let's stay up late all night
Even the Jack is very tired, he won't sleep until morning

'Cause it's Happy Halloween... (3x)

Today's a Happy Halloween

So now, let's trick or treat
Red candies rolling around
Don't wanna sleep until morning

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Past covers:

My birthday cover, Bakunyuu Ondo topped #1 for daily hour ranking in the general music/entertainment category in Nico Nico, #1 daily hour ranking in the Utattemita category and #3 for daily ranking in utattemita category, #45 for weekly ranking in utattemita category + #11 for the weekly new entries for the utattemita category~!!! It was also my first 10k views + 300 mylists! Thank you very much for making this possible!!

My recent cover, Happy Halloween, which I wrote the english lyrics for also climbed up on rankings from #82 to #26 in daily ranking for Utattemita category! Many thank you to all the people who have supported me and the new people coming in listening to my covers and appreciating them ( ;_; )!! I can't say how much this year has been so memorable to me!!!!! Thank you very much! I've been really busy so I couldn't update here very well but do drop by a message or tweet me! I would reply asap! Thank you!

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おねがいダーリン!れいれいver. 歌詞

『 おねがいダーリン 』
作詞・作曲・編曲 : 岩見陸(ナナホシ管弦楽団)
英語歌詞 : れいれい


Darling you never ever listened to whatever I have to say
Even though I always tell you to stop smoking and drinking
Two boxes of cigar and seven cans of beer EVERYDAY
Oh I'm telling you even something happens to you,
I'll never take care of you, okay?!
Go do this and do that, you just won't listen
You became really cold.

(I wanna go here! I wanna do these!
But you just always shut up!)

ねえ そんなの馬鹿みたいじゃない?
そうじゃない? じゃない? じゃない?
(If you wanna say something, just spill it out, please?)
わざと口にしないの ずるくない?
(Are you an idiot?)
お願いダーリン 見て聞いて
欲しいのは 形のないもの
馬鹿にしないわ 見て聞いて
覗いてよ 瞳の奥の方
おねだりしてみて 欲しいの?

Darling, I just can't understand your feelings at all
Back then you were so lovable and really charming
But now just what happened?! w
I mean, hello, do you even love me?!
Just saying though, it's real talk here!
You've made promises that were never granted. Thanks, my heart just broke.

つれない時はつれないし(You won't even speak so I always look stupid by myself, right?)
ねえ なんだか馬鹿みたいじゃない?
そうじゃない? じゃない? じゃない?(Does it really look so funny, now?)

値踏みされてる感じで(What the hell?)
(You're always doing annoying things so it's just really becoming annoying, it's just stupid)

寡黙なダーリン ねえ聞いて
よそ見しないで 逃げないで
触ってよ 心の奥の方

強かさではないのよ(I know right)
甘えてないで 口に出してよ
(Mmuu I said look properly over here!)
お願いダーリン 見て聞いて
欲しいのは 形のないもの
馬鹿にしないわ 見て聞いて
覗いてよ 瞳の奥の方

寡黙なダーリン 寝てないで
暴いてよ 私の素顔を
お願いダーリン そばにいて
触らせて 心の奥の方

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