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Be safe!キャンディーらぶ✿

Hello! Right now Philippines is on a very serious situation with the strongest typhoon coming! I pray for everyone to be safe, especially to my friends in Visayas! Please be careful. So above is my cover of CANDY CANDY. Thank you very much to Rikkun for mixing for me! It couldn't have been this beautiful without his help! Yay.

Classes were suspended today because of the typhoon so I haven't really done anything productive today ww I'd like to do collab with different people when I get my new microphone! Let's all do our best! I hope tonight would be a nice end for the 8th of November! Let's all keep doing our best!

フィリピン人気をつけてね!! っと、上はCANDY CANDYを歌っていただきました 今日はすごく寒かった! なんか死ぬかと思ったw とにかく、 次の歌うはkeenoさんのglowかな? お楽しみですね と、 最近なにもしてないからなんかつまんないな!! 新しいマイクもう買ったらたくさんコラボしましょうね!! ずっとずっといっぱいな人をコラボしたいなぁっと思ってたんだから!! よろしくおねがいします! じゃあ、それだけです。 もっともっと頑張るね!! ふぁいとー!


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Good evening, everyone!! (*´∀`*)
Today's the vocaFX deadline.

We were able to make it before the deadline!
Please do watch our entry!! It's amazingly fluffy(゚ノ∀`゚)゚

We'll do our best as usual for the next round!! Yay! ( ´∀`)
Everyone has worked hard, too so be sure to check their entries!

Have a nice weekend! :+:.::.:+:(,, ・∀・)ノ゛
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(*・∀・*)ノ ハーィ I uploaded a new duet. Please listen to it.

I just got back from an out of town trip a day ago (or .. two days ago.)
Stuffing myself with tons of work for summer.
So tired now. I'll surely gain weight if I continue this.
I should go dance more since it's summer.

Sweating more means losing more. Ganba.
Bye bye for now, then. (´・ω・`*)ノシ
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Strobe Edged

Hello everyone!! ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ Tomorrow is Monday again, I'm really uneasy about the examination results, but I did my best so let's just leave the results to fate! (what)! Anyway, how are you guys doing ヾ(T(エ)Tヽ) I missed you all ;A;" I've been really down lately and problems were piling up so quickly that I nearly gave up on life (again) Q 7 Q

My latest work would be that PV animation up there o uo)/ It's a remix of Yuyoyuppe and meola's palette, by EYES! I had fun animating this so I hope you enjoy watching it * ^ *

I've found some really interesting things last week! Sakasaki Io's works are amazing, and her improvement throughout the years (_´ω`) Strobe Edge was really good and the art improvement is just so skjhfgkjhgkjhdkjhdkjh everything is so perfect!

My birthday is coming up hah! o`///u//o <3

"Take it."
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れいれいです! フィリピンから来ました。エビが大好きです。

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