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Haihai!! |´З`●) How have you guys been? Tomorrow, April 1st, would be my 4th year on YouTube!! I've prepared something classy for tomorrow so I hope you'll like it! The first two weeks of April will be busy, for 3 days I have to prepare early and go to a university for a tour, I'll probably get home late so yeah. It'll be fun, though, going out. I rarely go out so I guess stuff like these isn't bad once in a while.

After the campus tour I'll be busy animating for vocaFX, too.
I hope you enjoyed your Holy Week, too, guys!
See you~ ヾ(●´ω`●)ノ
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(*・∀・*)ノ ハーィ I uploaded a new duet. Please listen to it.

I just got back from an out of town trip a day ago (or .. two days ago.)
Stuffing myself with tons of work for summer.
So tired now. I'll surely gain weight if I continue this.
I should go dance more since it's summer.

Sweating more means losing more. Ganba.
Bye bye for now, then. (´・ω・`*)ノシ
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Break time


Um, yeah. So been doing nothing. It's summer vacation. Hi. I'm doing lots of stuff despite it's my summer break. Hi. I think I broke. No, just kidding. I'm happy. Just, some other stuff pulling me down. Anyway, please drop by some cookies and a cake for Izaya's birthday tomorrow. Andddd, you should also join the new chorus battle that's been circling around, vocaFX. Group sign-ups are still on-going but first round has already started so better get your lazy butts to work.

Me? I'm joining. And thankfully, this time I'm singing. But also animating, together with my idols and one of my close friends adkljskj. I have to do my best!
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Hello! This is reirei. (○´ω`)w
I sang Yobanashi Deceive with Osamuraisan's acoustic arrangement!
Please do listen!! (′・Д・)σ

I can't think of songs to cover lately.
If you guys have some suggestions do tell me. ε( ´,_つ`)3

So on friday will be last day on school kdjhgkhg
I have so many stuff to do on summer and I'mstillbrokebutwhatever so yes.
YE━━━━━━ d(゜∀゜)b ━━━━━━S

I'll write again, some time. Later~!
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