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Hello! I was sick for a week! I just used my remaining voice today to sing for vocaFX lines. How is everyone doing?! I'm doing the art for my group for this round by the way because I want Gulru to focus on her upcoming exams because I don't want to cause trouble for her ;w;!! I just finished the illustrations today, too!! I hope people will come to like it even though it'll be a different art ; p ;! I will probably start animating this weekend~! Just have to take some few days off because of my back.

Classes will start next week!!!!!1 I'm excited


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Love Calendar!
Hello my fellow moesheeps! ヽ(´▽`)ノ So two days ago, the post office texted me that there was a parcel for me. So. Look at what the fab Eli got me!! Kyaaaa (*゚∀゚*)!

Mayu-san and DECO*27's Love Calendar! KJHDGKJHFGKJHFKGJHFKJGH This morning has been good, too! Something happened here and there with this person and that person and them and everyone else. I hope you guys a nice weekend! Saving some feels for my private diary. I'm working on tons of projects, too! Look forward to it!!

i'll see you later! adieu~

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れいれいです! フィリピンから来ました。エビが大好きです。

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