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I'm going to introduce you something today! Go and click here to be redirected to a veeeeeeery cute site!! It's jampacked with so many kawaii stuffs I feel so happy whenever I view a product!! modes4u is a very convenient site because it's an all-in-one kawaii-packed sites!! With different kawaii characters, MyMelo, Hello Kity, Rilakkuma, Mameshiba, Chocopa, Mamegoma, Little Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland and many more!! I feel really fluffy inside and out all thanks to rainbowholic.me for introducing this all-in-one kawaii shop for us!!

So I've been following rainbowholic.me (annnnd JapanLovers.me and everything they all did ahhh///sohappytobeexpressingmyloveforthemhere) I've been waiting since last night about this, a veeeery kawaii giveaway sponsored by modes4u and hosted by rainbowholic.me is ongoing!!! Yay///!!! All the love, right?! The details for the giveaway promo is riiiiight here!! There will be two lucky winners who'd get adorable giveaways! (And hoping one of these two would be me, ahaha////) The contest will run until my 16th birthday, on the 7th of October!! Please join in, it's really fun!! You might even be blogging about this later on!!

Prices would be Rilakkuma Re-Ment and Zodiac sign Rilakkuma Plush Charm for the first winner, a Rilakkuma set and Mameshiba (Kyaryshiba) earphone plug and Kawaii Mameshiba folder for the second winner!! Rainbowholic.me is another adorable site where you can see different kawaii updates, facts, and so on!! I'm happy to be blogging about these two sites right now!! They're one of the special websites that have changed me and made my life moooore kawaii than it was before!!!! I'll probably shop and buy a lot from modes4u once I graduate from highschool! Don't forget to give all you've got for this very cute giveaway, even writing and talking about this contest is very fun!! This would also be a very cute and one of the best gifts if I ever won oh my! Good luck everyone and have fun surfing around modes4u, too!!


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