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White white white white love!
Hello! A happy new year to everyone! I'm going to recap things I forgot to share in my blog so first please listen to Ricchun-kun's christmas cover, "Sayonara Midnight" which I mixed for him last year! Do listen to it because he sang it very well and I enjoyed mixing it!

I uploaded my first self-drawn PV! I really enjoyed it even though I just rushed the art and everything in it! It's for Christmas! And for the Secret Santa event for 2013, I sang kaz's Corruption Garden!!!!! It was a fun song to sing and mix! I'm happy that after years of trying I finally were able to sing this song! Ehu. And for my secret santa, I received this very adorable gift!!!!!! She sang Delusional Tax for me and I'm soooo happy! Thank you very much, again!

And for my first cover this year, I want to thank thousands and thousands of times Kenken for mixing this cover of mine!!!!! And for Hina-nyan for checking it for me! Thank you very much! I had fun singing this song, as always! Please give it a listen! Preferably YouTube for video quality-wise since I encoded wrong, yet again in Nico ww but for the audio quality I say Nico still makes it better! Please do listen!! Thank you very much for all the support and the listeners that have been watching me these past years! Please take care of me this year, too!

There's still a duet left that's still being mixed and hopefully it'll be uploaded before this month ends! After that there will be another duet with my nico duet partner, Chibi Inu! Next would hopefully go smoothly with the other plans that are in works right now! I'm also getting packed with real stuff to manage since I'm a graduating student! I'm getting ready for college and I can feel the hardship ;___;! I'll do my best!


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[] Foot Painより。
Your style is unique compared to other folks I've read stuff from.
I appreciate you for posting when you have the
opportunity, Guess I'll just bookmark this blog.

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