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Month of Hearts!

Hello! How is everyone doing? I'm graduating from high school next month!! It's going to get busier after Valentines' day! I'm getting ready for my finals and for an entrance examination to my desired University! Next week will be a heavy week for clearing requirements for our clearance, then on the next week it'll be finals then the entrance exam Then after that we'll be practicing for our graduation ceremony! Ahh so many things Let's do our best!!!!!

At the beginning of the month I was able to finish my Yonjuunana It was fun singing and mixing it Thank you for everyone who have listened to this! Please do listen once again if you have time! I find it addicting myself (wwww)

And today I uploaded my ELECT on YouTube! Thank you to Rikkun for again mixing for me!You owe me a lot Rikkunrfkjghkjfhgfhj. I want to re-record it and re-mix it for Nico Nico! I need more power like on my WAVE. So do you guys have a Valentine date this year? Ufufu 14th is my youngest brother's 8th birthday and our Junior-Senior Prom Night! So no valentine dates, sadly I'll be tuning in twitter as best as I can though to feed everyone virtual chocolates I won't be uploading anything for Valentines this year. I was hoping my collab with Oz-kun could have been uploaded on the 14th, though, it was a perfect song. But the mix is not done yet But everyone please look forward to it Please check out Shimeji's new upload I personally like it, it was a fun song

Well, then I'll write again some time! Bye

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