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Nyan nyan nyan!
はろー! れいれいです。 今回はているとコラボできましたよ! にゃんにゃんしてきた本当に楽しかった!  良かったら是非聴いてくださいね! あれいれいがとうございます♡ YouTubeにもあたしのチャネルにあげましたからニコに見えない方は、 どうぞどうぞ! Do listen to my new collaboration with Tail, a nico nico singer! We had fun! Thank you very much for listening! I'm also doing a lot of stuff lately and hopefully they all get to be uploaded as soon as possible! Please look forward to them, I'll be posting all the stuff as soon as I can!

Last week my mother and I went to the University I'm going to attend this coming school year! I've finally reserved a slot - I need to go to an appointment soon to get my chest x-ray and have it checked up, the chest pains I've been experiencing lately hinder in enjoying my day. Then by the end of May I'll be going to have a medical check up in Uni, then by June there will be two consecutive orientation ceremony I must attend. My mom said I should try to make friends with people who would be taking the same course/class but I wonder if I can make friends within those chances.. I'm not really out-going nor shy type to begin with but lately I've been degrading into something worse than a shy person!!!!

I'll be a real college student by the 1st of July! I cannot wait, but I will probably be busy. Really busy! It'll be tough trying to manage my stuff with college, utattemita community, and with a new love life now but I know I can do it! Also I finally have a very special beside me, I've been very happy lately Please continue to take care of me forever We're going to upload and finish our first collab together soon so please do look forward to it/// I also think it's about time I get a new laptop to use for all my stuffs, my netbook is dying.

Current goal/s - polish my Japanese speaking/comprehension/writing skills more, go back to art basics and all the needed stuff, learn to cook more meals, finish all recording deadlines. Also, so many anime series for Summer! I am completely dumped with so many stuff to download and watch every single day! I am troubled because back then I had so much time I can finish everything in a click with anime line-ups, I'll do my best as I get busier with other things, haha! My anime life cannot end and will never end! Well, then, I'll write again some time!


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