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A month and a donut

Good morning, everyone! First day of this month and I got a cover done! It's all in a rush one-two-day in the making, but it was fun! Along with the trials I've faced blaming my bad ears and my tone-deaf singing. Thanks to my friends I was able to somehow produce something neat, though I have to admit I don't know if it's right or not since I am for sure tone and pitch deaf! *sings in off key*

I sang hachi's Donut Hole! As for other stuff, I've finished recording and mixing a special duet yesterday! All we're waiting for now is the illustration and then I'll be animating a quick movie and have someone encode for me (I don't think I can encode anymore *cries*)

Also 5/6, one month has passed! Thank you for being with me! Let's make more memories together from now on! I can't wait for meet you, soon! See you in Japan! I love you very much


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れいれい reirei

Author:れいれい reirei

れいれいです! フィリピンから来ました。エビが大好きです。

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