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hello! it's been a month! i celebrated my birthday yesterday! and i received so many greetings and cute illustration presents!!!!!! thank you so much I'm very happy! here is my birthday cover! I sang DECO*27's anti-beat! thank you for reaching 300 views and 50 mylists in two days! it made me so happy ;_; アンチビートを誕生日で歌わせていただきましたので良かったら是非聴いてくださいね! これは本当にたくさん人にお手伝いしてもらって嬉しいです! まいっかさん完璧なミックスを本当に本当に感謝です! 動画は六月さんからのPVです! 名前変わったまで! そしてみんなからのサポートとたくさん聴いてくれてあれいれいがと! れいれいは本当に嬉しい! 素敵な2ヶ月ぶりの新作になりました! いぇい! thank you very much also for the people who have helped me made this comeback cover a success! After two months, I finally uploaded something!!

here are the pretty illustrations I've received! わたはむ素敵な絵描いてくれて嬉しかった! 愛してるらぶ!! あるかりちゃんのプレゼントびっくりしました!!! 本当にありがとうございます!  次はしょこらちゃんからの絵プレゼント!! すっごく可愛い!!! あぁ、しょこらちゃん大好き! 次はもこちゃんから!!!! これはとても緑緑緑すぎてもう嬉しい!! ラストは学校から帰った時これを見た笑顔になりました!!! えりんりんとても可愛いな絵ありがとうね!

they are all so adorable and cute! thank you very much for making me smile through these special illustrations! it really brightened my day! i love you guysss! also! thank you so much for Masasu for singing me Happy Birthday! it was really cool and it made me smile and laugh Thank you very much! And also please listen to Watahamu's part two birthday present for me!! He sang Yonjuunana for my birthday and I'm just so touched I can't- he asked me about this the other day and who would have thought!!?!!? thank you aaa i love you so much!

this day has been another special and successful day! thank you to everyone who greeted me on facebook, twitter, line, and skype! i'm thankful to be surrounded with very beautiful peopleeeeee sob. thank you and I'll be working harder! Let's go for another year!!! Thank you very much!

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れいれいです! フィリピンから来ました。エビが大好きです。

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