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November break!
hi everyone! how are you doing, November is almost ending! I am participating one of the chorus battles this year, Fables of Creation chorus battle! With my friends, participating as "liber mendacium"! I honestly was only participating as their animator but some problems happened and I am now singing with them! It's so fun! Please listen to our first entry!

My 3-week break from school included lunch dates with friends, overnight stays on our vacation house, a lot of group calls with my japanese friends, practicing writing kanjis, and of course singing and drawing a lot of stuff!! I should have done more but I guess most of time I spend my free days watching anime and/or sleeping, and of course - spacing out! My anti-beat has reached 800 plays and 1 more until its 80th mylist! I'll be posting a new cover soon in Nico Nico so please do watch out forit! Thank you and see you again!


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れいれい reirei

Author:れいれい reirei

れいれいです! フィリピンから来ました。エビが大好きです。

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