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Happy Halloweenれいれいver. 歌詞

『 Happy Halloween 』
作詞・作曲・編曲 : Junky
英語歌詞 : れいれい

Hey, it looks like it's about to get dark right now so,
would it be okay if I could go?
There's a little magic that was put on to me
Time to eat, let me start with those deserts of yours

I am sure the fog will get thicker from here on so
I guess we'll gather together?
I've waited for so long and held back on eating sweets

Here's your reward, take it

Once, and twice, the sound of bell
The noises that the small ghosts were making
Just for today, can you please forgive me
Now let's head to the town

'Cause it's a Happy Halloween let's get really naughty now ding-dong-dang
here and there, everywhere, trick or treat, won't you give me candies?
'Cause it's a Happy Halloween, there are adorable lantern pumpkins
Even the Jack is very tired, he'll dance until morning

'Cause it's a Happy Halloween, even the hunted cubs now, la la la
Today all throughout town, trick or treat, give me some chocolates
'Cause it's a Happy Halloween, welcome to the wonderful wonderland
Even the Jack is very tired, he'll sing Let's trick or treat

I want more, and more of it, wanting like a greedy ghost
Oh, no more? Then I guess it can't be helped, they will become the prey to our pranks

For the houses that can't give us anything,
We'll wrap the trees in their yard with lots of toilet paper
If tonight the lanterns will be lit, don't forget, give us some sweets please

Well then, let's party night

Hey cause it's Happy Halloween, even the clock is spinning wild, tick-tack
here and there, everywhere, trick or treat, there's eye-dazzling pumpkin pies
'Cause it's Happy Halloween, so why not - let's stay up late all night
Even the Jack is very tired, he won't sleep until morning

'Cause it's Happy Halloween... (3x)

Today's a Happy Halloween

So now, let's trick or treat
Red candies rolling around
Don't wanna sleep until morning

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My birthday cover, Bakunyuu Ondo topped #1 for daily hour ranking in the general music/entertainment category in Nico Nico, #1 daily hour ranking in the Utattemita category and #3 for daily ranking in utattemita category, #45 for weekly ranking in utattemita category + #11 for the weekly new entries for the utattemita category~!!! It was also my first 10k views + 300 mylists! Thank you very much for making this possible!!

My recent cover, Happy Halloween, which I wrote the english lyrics for also climbed up on rankings from #82 to #26 in daily ranking for Utattemita category! Many thank you to all the people who have supported me and the new people coming in listening to my covers and appreciating them ( ;_; )!! I can't say how much this year has been so memorable to me!!!!! Thank you very much! I've been really busy so I couldn't update here very well but do drop by a message or tweet me! I would reply asap! Thank you!
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