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Strobe Edged
Hello everyone!! ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ Tomorrow is Monday again, I'm really uneasy about the examination results, but I did my best so let's just leave the results to fate! (what)! Anyway, how are you guys doing ヾ(T(エ)Tヽ) I missed you all ;A;" I've been really down lately and problems were piling up so quickly that I nearly gave up on life (again) Q 7 Q

My latest work would be that PV animation up there o uo)/ It's a remix of Yuyoyuppe and meola's palette, by EYES! I had fun animating this so I hope you enjoy watching it * ^ *

I've found some really interesting things last week! Sakasaki Io's works are amazing, and her improvement throughout the years (_´ω`) Strobe Edge was really good and the art improvement is just so skjhfgkjhgkjhdkjhdkjh everything is so perfect!

My birthday is coming up hah! o`///u//o <3

"Take it."

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