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Good evening~! I uploaded a better version of Sarishinohara on nico nico. Please take a listen, I honestly think it is better from my first Sarishinohara upload on youtube!

I noticed I also have hit 700 subs recently so I sang DATEKEN's *tear* to celebrate my 700 subs, thank you very much everyone! It means a lot to me, being to achieve this big number, I love you guys ;w; Please continue to watch me improve and grow, thank you ; u ;

Also, would I call these fanarts w but they drew these for me, so I'm thankful!!

Shiin-tan's art for me~! So happy right now, my twitter @oreihara__ is using it right now ohoho!

and, Sia's christmas illustation on her pixiv in here! thank you, really, guys! teehee.

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れいれいです! フィリピンから来ました。エビが大好きです。

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