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Hello everyone!!!!!! It's been two months!! I'm sorry I haven't updated my blog for the past months uhuhu, I am suppppppppper busy with school and twitter24/7animation projects!!! I forgot I haven't shared our entry for vocafx's R2! Though it's late, please still give it a listen!!

For this round I drew the art since Gulru is busy!! So after we knew we could still participate with the last round we quickly came back to our basegroup chat to discuss things and this is what the result of our hardwork!! Thank you to Maki for drawing us really eyedropping art and godly godish ikemen animation from theo uhuhu ;//; this really turned out nicely thanks to Theo for working hard!!

We had fun for the whole competition!! I'm happy to have worked with these guys I hope we can still continue some choruses some time maybe ehe

Also, KCE's second duet battle has started!! Goodluck to all participants

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!!!!
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