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10/7 Happy birthday!!
Hello guys! It's been a good time for me, lately! I finally turned anohter year older just a few days ago! I wasn't able to upload a birthday cover but I am thank you all everyone for making another year of mine very memorable and unforgettable! I can't get enough thanks because you guys are all so loving and for me to have you all by my side is enough and it always makes me the happiest moe! Yay for all the dramu! This video beside is one of my birthday presents, it's from Kyou-kun and Nam! You two are really sweet, thank you for this video! The mix was really great, I was dancing after I ate my cake

Let's move on to some other stuff! The earliest birthday present and just stunning and beautiful kjfhgkfjhgdg /touches manga/ is the last volume of Love Calendar from Eli!!!! kjfhgkfhgkdehg Eli omg I can't thank you enough you guys should have seen how I reacted to this omg. I'm so happy, I now completed Love Calendar because of Eli! Kampai! The second one is a cute necklace from Kenta-mama!! He brought this before he left Cosmania, we're pairing together with Kenken!!!! Eheee!

Next one is a drawing from an indonesian friend,
Riri-tan!! Thank you very much omg!!!! I can't express the love for this cutesy cutie illustration!! Continue drawing and thank you again, Riri-tan! Mwamwa-! Next would be a biiiiiiiiiiiig oishii snack from my classmate and best friend in class, Kimberly!! KJDGHFKJH I've been eating oishii since I was little and this was my first time to see and to receive this enormous oishii-chan! I appreciate it a lot!! Thank you very much heeehe!!

Here are the stuffs I bought for myself on the last day of Cosmania, a day before my birthday! I actually had a lot of fun and tears with this (mis)adventure of mine! My sense of direction is really priceless wwwwww Good job reirei, myself, for saving some money for this convention! I really bowed down I would buy this kawaii shirt since I'm all ready, so I was happy it was sold in a pretty cheap price Next would be my one and only birthday cake for this year!!!!! It looks so cute and cool and hipster, right?! My mom and dad saw it!!!!! They said it'd fit me! Thank you! I was really surprised, this is a very big cake! It was very hipster, I loved it!!!

Below is my fellow artist friend, Akina-tan, who traditionally drew something so kawaii for me!!!! That random cute beside the greeting was somehow adorable w. Thank you very much, Akina-tan! Next would be another illustration from senseu!! Putting "OO" below my name symbolizing oppai because Iamsecretlyoppaihime www Thank you very much senseu! I look cool with that color hair!!!!! Lastly would be this one-shot ikebo recording I received from Kazuki! Thank you for the one-shot recording! It made me teary-eyed for a second kjfghfkgjh.

Thank you everyone for another wonderful year!!!
Please take care of me for this coming year, once again!!
I love you all! ♡
Also, thank you to rainbowholic.me for choosing my blog entry! I won the rilakkuma set! I'm so happy! Thank you very much!!!


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