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おはれいれいー!!!いやこのポストは日本語じゃないんだから帰ろう帰ろう!(死ぬ)← 冗談だけですよーん、 テスト終わったんだ! もう冬休みだだだだだだーっ!(幸せ)← でもいっぱい仕事あるんだから、 がんばれいれい! 今あたしの友達がコラボをミックスしてるんだから、 お楽しみにしてる! (あたしもねw) とにかく、 最近あたしの日本語はなんか変だからこの動画作ったら、 日本語勉強しようようようようね! もうわかんないな、 日本語は。 日本人に生まれたらもっとよろこんでるです(この日本語違うなら本当にすまん泣く泣く)

あっ、そうですね! あたし今たくさん手紙を送るからもしほしいなら、ここきてください! さてと、 しょうくんの少年と魔法のロボットmixしましたぞ!! どうか是非是非聞いてください! そしていっぱいコメ&マイリストをどうぞどうぞ! しょうくんの声はかわいいすぎだな、 これmixしたんだ本当に良かったな! 聞いてくださいね!

I'm totally going to surprise my Secret Santa for this Christmas!! It's nothing much actually but I hope s/he'll(ehehe) like my twist!!! Thank you for the thousand views of my first collab with Chibi Inu-kun!! Also for my 900+ subs omg!! Chibi-kun and I wishes that also the people of Nico (and youtaites, if possible) would give a listen in Nico and post (ドンドンドンドン) tons of comments and possibly mylist for us, too!! We are requesting your love, please ♡

Next is a collab with my crushjdhgkjfh! Please do look forward to it! I'm also happy! Last night an ikebo friend of mine asked for a helping hand, and so I'll get to be of help again with something! I'll post it here, too when it's done so do look forward to it too! Also I've restarted redrawing and remaking the first self-drawn PV I was planning! It is uploading right now (the preview/quality test) but I'm still thinking if I should post it here, if I decided to, I'll edit this post for you guys!

Aaah it is a very busy month, indeed!!! I'm having very fun, 3-weeks of vacation = 3-weeks of non-stop working on collabs, drawings, and animation! I am very pumped up! Ah, I'm sending everyone who signs up here a letter (and drawings and other stuffudesu uhu), and if you ever want one, I'll gladly send you one! I'm keeping all information confidential and private, so rest assured! But to be fair (since I trust you all ehu), if you ever want my address (yes), I'll gladly give it thru DM in twitter! B-But you don't have to send me anything back in return okay I'm always available via @oreihara__ So, then, I'll be going now! Congratulations to DECO*27's 2008-2013 Collection!!!!!!! My favorite producer fighto fighto!!


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