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I'm tired!
Hiiiiiii guys. So busy of too many stuff!!! I forgot to post the new stuff I uploaded on YouTube and in Nico Nico! Give them all a listen, please!

Thank you very much for the 1000 subscribers and 100,000+ views on Youtube!!!! It was just a dream for the past years! Thank you kjsdhgfkjg can't express my happiness well

I'm also planning looooooooooooots of duets but probably only a few of them will get done!! Let's do this thingthingthingthingthing!!! I've been also dragged for another chorus project so I'm so excited for this summer!! I'm graduating next week! But still so busy, though! Especially college is just around the corner My aunt came back from Japan this Monday! She brought me the last volume of Strobe Edge and Volume 9 of Ao Haru Ride! My favorite author's books! So happy! I also can't wait to see everyone in Japan, soon!!!!!!

I'm really so busy lately and I've been tired since we've been practicing the Graduation ceremony everyday (it really isn't necessary, though. cries) I'll write again!!


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