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Same Story for two months and counting
Hello everyone!! It's been a long time! A lot has happened, and I'm finally going to college in a month! Just how fast time is, really! Anyway, for a new cover this month I finally sang a song from my most favorite composer, DECO*27 I sang his Mousou Zei (Delusion Tax) and with the help of my friends it turned out nicer than I've expected! Please give a listen and comment and/or mylist! English comments are okokok For people who can't view on Nico, it's also available in my YouTube channel! Please go easy on me, ehehe

Thank you for Kyuppo! Tuning my vocals in spite of his busy schedule with work and other stuff. And for Hage for volunteering to mix and encode! I'm so happy to be helped by these two Without them I couldn't have made use of these vocals into something neat! These vocals have been recorded around March, so their pretty old vocals for me. I'm planning on recording tons of stuff before I get busy so I can just maybe ask someone else to mix and encode for me. Next would be my friend, Toy's new cover, "Ikanaide". I mixed for her She has a very cute and adorable voice, do listen to her cover!

Another is that, I animated an original PV for Ruby's new solo cover, buzzG's "Hoshi no Uta"! With Shiratama's cute illustration I was able to give out a warm feeling for the animation, which I'm happy and proud of Also Elemeno's mixing is totally godly. He even encoded for us! Great job to everyone, please listen to Ruby's new cover!

Next would be!! Yesterday was another one of our special days We're now two months together, still strong and happy everyday We posted our first collab together, "Onaji Hanashi". I've been wanting to sing this with someone and I never have thought that I'll be singing this with my special someone. Please continue to take care of me Let's just get married already. Haha/// It received tons of overwhelming support and comments from different people and we were so happy!!!!! Thank you very much everyone! Let our warm and comforting voice soothe your day Of course it's also available in YouTube in case you haven't figured out how to watch in Nico Nico.

Last night also, I finally came back on twitcast with my first japanese-speaking broadcast It was really a challenge for me! My hands were shaking and I couldn't speak japanese properly at all! But lots of people came and they made me feel comfortable In the end I was able to communicate and talk to the people commenting and listening calmly, and I feel like I could do this step by step, slowly! I'm thankful to everyone who came! Although not all of the people who came identified themselves by commenting so I wasn't able to thank them directly If I do a live again please come! Be it in english or japanese. Okay, time to go. See you again soon, guys!


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