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It's been a long time!
Hi! I have been really busy lately but I'm just going to dump here the new works and stuffs that I haven't posted on my blog, yet! Our round two entry for FCCB was better than the first one, to be honest! We sang "Ryuuseigun" by camelia! It's a very amazing and upbeat song! Please do listen to it! I also got an animation request from one of my utaite friends so I was able to make another animation before the year ended! It's a Christmas collab and it was an honor animating for them! They're so cute!!! Annnd! I also sang HoneyWorks' Kinyoubi no Ohayou -another story- as my last cover for 2014! I also helped out in completing my friend's remix of ECHO! Do listen to it! It's really awesome! He uploaded his original remix together with one of our friend, Anri's cover of his remix!

For the opening of the new year, my cutie loli friends and I sang rerulili's Kami no Manimani! It was fun! Thank you for inviting me to participate with you, guys! It was an honor and let's collab together again next time! Thank you to Lili for organizing once again and to Siege for mixing

I have been recording a lot of stuff and it's really progressing surely and slowly! I am also dying to upload my new cover! Please do wait for it! It's to be done soon! (almost 3 months of waiting cries) I also got invited by TAIL, one of my friends, to sing some lines for his new cover, KEI's Pierrot! Please do listen if you have the time! No more solos yet and so to make up for it I received another collaboration animation request from one of my friends! This time it's hachi's Donut Hole! The mix and everything was really good! I was so happy Ken approached me to animate for him!

Please do look forward for a new chorus collaboration upload by the last day of February! Featuring some known nico utaites! I am really working and trying my best! Thank you for always listening watching my works! See you guys again!


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Appreciate this post. Let me try it out.

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Appreciate this post. Let me try it out.

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