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メリュー れいれいver. 歌詞

『 メリュー 』
作詞・作曲・編曲 : ナブナ
英語歌詞 : れいれい

It feels as if the sun has set
for my heart was already stained
The ringing in my ears won't stop
as I tried to hide my breath away

I rode the bus and pointed to you
“Someday you'll turn into ashes”
Even if you'll tell me the same words
all over and over it will never disappear

In a sea of stars blooming in hanging lanterns,
that is where I will throw my heart
My voice won't come out for that is
because there is nothing I can do anymore

I don't feel any sadness
I don't even feel any pain
I’m just having a hard time
I’m just having a hard time

At the end of an old bus stop
I see myself holding an umbrella
Even though my feet already brought me
to the corner of the night sky that's been covered in dusts

My heart is in pain, so please don’t look at
the everyday me that's pretending to be dead
If I thought it's better if I am gone,
then this is not who I am s'pposed to be

If I'm going to die anyway,
Then isn’t it strange that it still hurts so much?
If I'm going to die anyway,
please tell me why does it still hurt

So go ahead and blend my song
into the colors of this world, where even love is extinct
I want to do something about this,
but I still remain helpless as ever

In a sea of stars blooming in hanging lanterns
that is where I will throw my heart
My voice won't come out so I pretend to be dead
I know it shouldn't be like this, but still

I’m sure I’d be better of this way, but still
I always hear your laughter from far away

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