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I've finally revived my blog, it's been about 5 months, and I've been really busy. But let me just hand out the different and new stuff that has been done and completed for the past five months!!!(and the earlier) Here are my covers from the time I last updated here up to the most recent!!!

These have been my covers for last year that I haven't plugged in here ever since I've been really busy! I've stopped for recording for a while but I have been really preparing very awesome stuff to be completed and uploaded, so I hope you guys can wait a little bit more and do look forward to it!! Here's the first upload for this year, which was a duet with my long-time utaite friend, Craft! It's a valentine-themed duet! Cheers to Craft, himself, for mixing our duet!

The video above is the part two to our New World Edition collaboration, we did halyosy's classic song, "smiling"! I figured it's the best time to release a world edition of this as this is like considered the mother of all nico collab songs and definitely brings a lost of nostalgic feeling especially to those who have been part of this community for more than 5-6 years! Definitely a must watch as a lot of people have contributed their hard work and effort in order to make this new collaboration a huge success! It's too bad that the one who organized Blessing together with me, Enaena-kun, has been busy with his album recording for the past months so I invited a new member, another long-time friend, Nashiyuro-kun to represent Japan in his place

Next video is what everyone have been waiting for! The cover that was supposed to be uploaded during my birthday last year, and the part two for the Bakunyuu series (from Bakunyuu Ondo), finally uploaded Bakunyuusentai Pairangers! Again, thank you to a lot of people who have helped in completing this cover, it was really a big help and I couldn't have done this without them!!! And this time too, it climbed on a really superb ranking in nico nico, with Bakunyuu Ondo topping #3 on daily ranking, this new bakunyuu song topped #7 on daily ranking and as it ranked, it was also able to bring back bakunyuu ondo (uploaded year 2015) to rank #17!!! A big thanks! to all those perverted listeners who enjoy these kind of songs HAHAHA!! And the popular utaite, kogeinu-san also tweeted my pairanger cover so I'm so happy!!! During this time, I was in Japan enjoying my second trip, which will be posted in my next entry! hehe!

Next up is my recent solo cover uploaded this last May, I've been wanting to sing this for a long time and I'm really glad and happy on how my raw vocals turned out! It was really a challenge for me to sing powerfully as there are always people in the house judging my singing (and the alien language i sing) so really proud of this!!!!!! and again a big thanks to those who helped especially the mixer, Polyp-kun despite his busy schedule!!!!!!

Last is my celebration video for!!!!!! 10,000 subscribers on my youtube channel!!!! I never thought this day would! come!!!! Just thinking about how lame i was back then and getting even just 100 was already enough and heartwarming for me.. I never thought a number this big would be reachable.. thank you for believing and for supporting. It's really what kept me going for 8 years, and for also making me who I am today!!!!! Thank you!!!! Do look forward for my next post, as I share my second japan trip!!! As i wasn't able to share my first japan trip here, I feel bad haha!!!

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